Small Business Week May 4-10, 2015

Why Shop Small Infographic

Shop Small Infographic from American Express.

Are national movements, like Small Business Week and Shop Small Saturday, really impacting small businesses? Well, that is entirely dependent on the city you live in, the resources and organizations in your city that advocate for independent businesses, and a community that supports and shops at small businesses. Of course, it is also closely tied to the small businesses in your city that work cooperatively and promote and leverage those movements to boost the signal about what their small business offers their community.

It is our first year in business, and admittedly we are a bit behind the curve in leveraging those movements and working with like-minded small businesses. What we do have is a strong and supportive base of craftspeople and artists showcased in our boutique. We work collaboratively to leverage social media, though we can always get better, and when those artists and craftspeople are out in the community showing their work at events and fairs, they take business cards and talk about the boutique.

Our consumer base continues to grow, and their feedback tells us that we offer a welcoming, friendly, responsive environment with quality and distinctive products.  Additionally, an online presence is crucial in running and promoting a business, but it is those face to face connections and recommendations from trusted sources are the real driver to increasing business at our brick and mortar shop.We hear it every day that someone recommended a visit to the boutique.

National movements get the conversation started, but small businesses need to offer what big box shops can’t: personality and a specialty high end feel. We do that by offering distinctive high craft quality products made right in our community with a story about the artist that crafted the piece. Our boutique offers a personal connection to the artist and fosters a community that supports each other.

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