Every day is a work day for a small business

Productivity Parlour launches July 10, 2015

Revisioned – an urban boutique’s Productivity Parlour for Artful Living opens July 10, 2015.

Every small business owner will tell you there are no days off. This is absolutely true. While not every day may be in a brick and mortar shop or online checking for a new order, there is more to do than seems possible with one or two people.

For us, we started our brick and mortar a bit abruptly, and have been catching up since day one. This is not a complaint, but a cautionary warning. At the same time, the quickness of this venture meant that I did not over think and turn away from the most challenging and rewarding adventure of my business and personal life.

We are about to celebrate our 1st anniversary. An accomplishment in and of itself. Most small business give up or go under in the first few years. We are not as secure as I would like and are still in the struggling first year. However, we do have a dedicated group of artists that our brick and mortar support, a growing client base, developing business relationships that are mutually supportive, and avenues to expand what we offer the community. Our products are all natural and locally crafted so we can offer high quality products that directly contribute to the local economy. We started with 18 artists and now have 32 artists in our boutique. These artists produce everything from daily use products like soap, candles, and food products to distinctive functional art and wearables for the young and young at heart.

As we move into our 2nd year of business, we are excited to meet our goals and catch up on the plans we created when we opened the boutique 12 months ago. We are launching our new website (with more functionality to come), our weekly blog, and our new Productivity Parlour for Artful Living. The first two items are self-explanatory, but let me tell you more about the third.

Our Productivity Parlour is a textile-based maker space. Here, community members can take classes and create wearable art. Additionally, community members may rent time in the space to access all of the sewing machines, patterns, and materials to work on personal projects while still being able to ask questions. Beyond the classes and open productivity times, the Productivity Parlour for Artful Living may be booked for private parties where each guest will leave with an art piece they created.

Our 2nd year is starting off on a high note, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship within our community. Please come by and see us. Let us know what you are looking for and how we can be a resource to you.

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