About Us

We are an independent business that showcases and supports 30+ craftspeople and artists in our region and the USA. Our goal is to provide old world craftsmanship for modern lives by providing high quality products at affordable prices.  We are passionate about building a community of artists that have a venue to show and sell their work.

In addition to seeking out local artist producing USA made products, we are advocates for learning new skills by working with local groups to promote skill based classes to share knowledge and skills. We are developing a maker space, The Productivity Parlour, within the boutique to provide community members access to supplies and equipment to learn and produce their own unique work.

Meet our team:

Naarah has an extensive and varied background. She has working in the performing arts as a costumer, stage manager, production manager, director and actress. Naarah has experience with business management, finance, marketing and inventory management. What inspires her is making the most of the available resources and so spends time designing clothing and accessories from repurposed materials. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Studies, she spent a decade working in higher education, and left higher ed to spend a short time working with a nerd themed make up company.  She moved on from that company to run a business that she started for her two chiblins, who are amazing young humans.

Kali is a creative upstart, who makes magic with whatever she puts her hand to and then some. She graduated from an exceptional public school where she spent most days outdoors in nature. Between high school and college, she is learning what it takes to run a business and developing translatable skills. In her free time, she knits, crochets, draws, sews and anything else that catches her fancy.

Devon appears like a silent mohawked bearded dancing hobo with impeccable manners. While a quiet and gentle giant, he is delving into the metal arts after bring home a backyard forge. When not firing up the forge and hammering metal, he works on chainmail art and jewelry. All of this currently on hold while he hikes the Pacific Crest Trail during the spring and summer of 2015.

Come by and meet us in person. We love connecting with our community and finding out what inspires you to engage and create!

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